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Prior Media Group Company was founded in 1994, having as main activity the import and distribution, in Romania, of the most important reference works in the world, both encyclopedias and dictionaries general and thematic, covering all fields of knowledge. With a rich experience in import and distribution activities, Prior Media Group has known continuous development, the number of costumers and collaboratorsis increases continuously. Currently we are working with more than 800 publishers and publishig groups from all over the world. Thanks ...


The continuous development of our company, entering new markets, the profesionalism of our team and the fact that we consider first the needs and desires of our costumers have led to the development of the range of services we offer. In the begining our field of activity was the import and distribution of foreingn books- Encyclopaedia Britannica. L ...


We participate at the most important book fairs in the country and international! ...

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  • Cambridge University Press
  • Elsevier
  • McGraw Hill
  • Oxford University Press
  • Pearson - Always Learning
  • Sage
  • Springer
  • Taylor&Francis

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